Recognized as one of the top mediators in Minnesota, Brett Olander mediates disputes between parties in all areas of civil litigation including personal injury, insurance, products liability, employment, securities, professional malpractice, commercial litigation, construction and select family law matters. Mediation is a flexible process that leaves decision making in the hands of the parties.

Brett facilitates the resolution of disputes significantly faster and at a low cost saving litigants from the uncertainties of trial.  Brett is mutually selected as a mediator and serves several times each week. Mr. Olander understands a good mediator must be able to facilitate communication between the parties, must be well versed in the applicable law and must have a strong command of the facts.  Brett prepares diligently for each mediation by thoroughly reviewing all information submitted and by listening to the parties.  In the end, most mediations end with a settlement that meets the needs of all parties.